Imam on trial for sexual abuse of child: I read sela on July 15

Hisami Mosque imam in Diyarbakır’s Bağlar district, Kadri Ö. allegedly sexually abused 9-year-old C.D., a summer Quran course student, on August 24 last year. The boy, who came out of the mosque, told his family about the situation at home.

The family went to the police and filed a criminal complaint against the imam. Imam Kadri Ö, who was taken into custody after the family’s complaint. He was arrested and imprisoned for sexually abusing a minor.

According to the news of Ferit Demir from, Imam Kadri Ö, in his first statement at the police and prosecutor’s office, denied the allegation of abuse and said that there were other people in the mosque. However, in the investigation made by the police, only the victim child, imam Kadri Ö. and the toilet attendant M.K.

The toilet attendant of the mosque, MK, also described the day of the incident in his statement at the prosecutor’s office and at the court:

  • I went inside the mosque to check the air conditioner in the mosque. Imam Kadri Ö. and there were shoes belonging to a child I did not know. Since there was no one in the prayer section, I wanted to enter the imam’s room, the key of which was found only in me and in Imam Kadri Ö. I pushed the door, it didn’t open, it was locked. I inserted the key, the door wouldn’t open because it was locked from the inside. Then I left the mosque and started to wait at the door. About 15 minutes later, Imam Kadri Ö. I saw the victim CD come out of the mosque together. The Imam went directly to the bathroom next to the mosque and took a shower, saying, “Wait for the child here, I’m coming.” While the Imam was taking a shower, I noticed that the boy was waiting very nervously. After the Imam came out of the bathroom, they went to a nearby place on foot with the child, and he ordered donuts for the child. I saw them.


During the hearing held last week at the Diyarbakır 3rd High Criminal Court, the head of the court reminded Imam Kadri Ö. of this determination of the police. Upon this, the Imam accepted that there was no one in the mosque and made a different defense. Imam claimed that the reason he was slandered was that he went to the mosque during the July 15 coup attempt and said:

  • If my children come and tell such things, I will go and lynch that man. The day after the incident, I went and led the night prayer. I was there until the next day. If this was not a planned and programmed job, the victim’s family would have lynched me there. I have been serving as the official imam for 32 years. The said date is August 24. These events happened to me on the 15th day of the previous month because of the coup attempt, upon the instruction of our President and the President of Religious Affairs. My only crime was to read hi. Does anyone who reads selves need to be punished?

Imam Kadri O. He said, “The shopkeepers in the neighborhood do not like me and they gave me the nickname ‘Imam of the Chief’. That’s why they didn’t like me.”

Imam Kadri O. During his defense, he cursed the family of the victim child and the witnesses saying “May God give them trouble”. He also stated that he had hired the only eyewitness, toilet attendant Mustafa K, and claimed that Mustafa K’s statement was not true and that he used drugs.

The prosecutor, who presented his opinion to the court board, said, “It has been determined in the statements received that the accused Kadri Ö sexually abused the victim child. The crime of deprivation of liberty was completed, the chain of qualified sexual abuse remained at the stage of attempt, and after the victim child transferred the events to his family members, the accused Even though he did not accept the crimes against him by declaring that he did not commit a sexual act to the victim child as alleged in the statement taken by the accused, the defendant’s defense was explained to be a defense that should be disregarded and aimed at getting rid of the crime, and the entire file scope. 103/2, 103/2-e, 103/4-a, 35/2, 43/1, 109/1, 109/3-a, 35/2, 43/1, 109/1, 103/4-a of the TCK no. 5237, which complies with the actions of the accused, since it is understood that the accused committed the crimes against him in line with the available evidence. d, 109/3-f, 109/5, 43/1, 53, 63, Deciding to file a criminal complaint against the accused in accordance with Article 106/1-1 of the TCK, since the allegation that the accused threatened with death so that the accused did not tell about the incident was not included in the indictment.

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