‘He wanted my money back from me’

The incident took place in a clothing store located on Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Street in Sultangazi Uğurmumcu neighborhood, around 19.30 hours last Sunday. With the excuse of buying a belt, two women who entered the store disguised as customers, took advantage of the crowdedness of the store to distract an employee named Fatmanur Kaygusuz, and stole 230 TL with the nail-making method.

Before closing the store at night, the business owner and employees, who made an account, watched the cameras and realized that two women were stealing with the nail-cut method when the cash register was open for 230 TL.

Those moments were reflected on the security camera, second by second. In the footage, it is seen that two women entered the store disguised as customers and took advantage of the crowded store to steal with the nail-making method.


Fatmanur Kaygusuz, describing the moment of the event, “I was taking care of the customers at the checkout, two ladies came and they were in a rush. They asked the price of the belt and told my staff it was 20 TL. Then they asked me, and I was shooting pos. To confuse me, they dropped the pos machine by pushing the bag. I felt that the money they gave was fake and I went and went. I asked my boss, but my boss said it’s real. They gave me 200 TL, so I gave the change when I came in. Then they tore off the tip of 100 TL, but I didn’t notice it, we saw the tears when we watched the camera. Then he asked me how much is the belt, 20 TL. He asked me again, then he said I want the top of the money back. He asked me back the money he gave me, I gave him the money and then they left” said.

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