Criticism of the Constitutional Court against the court decision regarding the person who was fired due to FETO affiliation

The reemployment lawsuit filed by a person who was dismissed for alleged FETO affiliation following the July 15 coup attempt was rejected on the grounds that “the relationship of trust was damaged”. In the court’s decision, it was argued that “the suspicion that he was in contact with FETO is sufficient for termination”.

The person, who objected to the higher court stating that there was no investigation against him, applied to the Constitutional Court (AYM) after the decision was upheld. The Constitutional Court, which discussed the application, ruled that the “right to a fair trial” had been violated.

Stating that the local court did not investigate the appropriateness of the evaluation and determination of the company, it was stated that “The lower courts have not discussed whether there is a FETÖ/PDY connection and therefore whether valid termination conditions have arisen, and have not decided on this issue. In other words, the courts of instance did not perform any judicial activity in the real sense.

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