Attention-grabbing post from Cahit Özkan after the allegations of crisis within the AKP

The words of AKP Group Deputy Chairman Cahit Özkan, who was a guest of Armağan Çağlayan’s program on YouTube, have been on the agenda of social media for a long time, and after the reaction of AKP Spokesperson Ömer Çelik, many people talked about the claim that Özkan was dismissed.

A remarkable sharing came from Özkan today. Özkan shared his photo with Çelik in his social media account. He dropped the note “No one can come between close friends”.

Özkan said, “I have to look at it this way, maybe the United Arab Emirates saw that it could not bring Turkey to its knees, it could not prevent Turkey’s independence, it saw that without relying on Turkey, without walking with Turkey, some things would come to the detriment of their own interests in the regional and global sense. It turns out, then the United Arab Emirates – that’s how I read it – surrendered. The international community accepted that a secure energy supply could not exist without Turkey.’

Çelik, on the other hand, reacted to the words of AKP member Özkan on Twitter and said, “The statements of our group vice chairman, Mr. Cahit Özkan, regarding the relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates do not reflect the views of our party.”

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