Allegations of harassment and assault on the site in Büyükçekmece

Arzu Buğur, who lives in a site in Pınartepe Mahallesi, had an argument with the management of the site last month about the dues. Allegedly, Buğur wanted to see the site management’s decision book, but the management did not want to show it.

Thereupon, Buğur said that they would not pay more dues. After this discussion, the personnel of the site management began to verbally threaten Buğur. The threat moments of a person who is claimed to be the staff of the site management were reflected on his mobile phone and security camera.


Arzu Buğur claimed that she was battered and harassed by a staff member of the site management.

Buğur, who left the apartment to take his child to school on Monday, May 16 in the morning, was first harassed and then beaten by VK, who he claimed was a site staff.

The woman, who was injured in her nose and different parts of her body, went to the police and filed a complaint after receiving a report of assault.


Describing the discussions she had with the site management, Arzu Buğur said, “We became the owner of this site 2 years ago. Since we came here, fees have been demanded. We paid the dues at first because we were afraid. I started to suspect the situation. I requested official documents to see if they were the site management. I wanted to see the decision book. After this incident verbal abuse started said.


Buğur, who had a hard time getting through what he went through, “I was leaving the apartment to pick up my daughter from school. I saw the man sitting in the security booth opposite. I was nervous. He started shouting. He sexually assaulted me. Then he attacked me. My friend who heard my screams came. He left me, he beat my friend. When the residents of the complex went downstairs, they left us. , fled. I want psychological support. I demand protection” used the expressions.


The site management, on the other hand, denied the allegations made against them. The site management claimed that Bugur had slandered them and that they were complaining. It was also noted that enforcement proceedings were initiated against Buğur due to his dues debts.

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