‘After 12 months, it will find 24 TL’

While the Dollar/TRY rose above 15.50 for the first time since the announcement of the exchange-protected deposits with a 10-day rise, analysts point out that the risks to the exchange rate policy, in which the public determines the direction, have increased, especially in the medium term.

Speaking to Tele1 about the dollar’s rise Economist Evren Devrim ZelyutCalculate the inflation difference between America and Turkey. Normally, when we say what the value of a national currency will be in the future, we take the inflation difference between the two countries as a basis. Let there be an inflation difference of 50 points between the USA and Turkey, which is actually more. If this rate is 16 liras, it means we will put 8 more liras. So if we don’t put the right policies on the agenda immediately, 12 months from now, your dollar/TL will potentially go to 24″. said.

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