Abdullah Avcı visited Özkan Sümer’s grave

According to the statement made by the burgundy-blue club, Avcı visited his grave in Sümer’s Maçka district with his accompanying vice president Zeyyat Kafkas, board member Sami Karaman, management consultant Ali Kemal Denizci and mental performance trainer Yaşar Çevikel.

Avcı and his entourage prayed for Sümer, who is the chairman and coach of the club and also plays football.

On the other hand, a new library was opened within the scope of the “Champions Library” project, which was opened all over Turkey by the Anatolian Crew Trabzonspor Members Association.

Avcı also attended the opening of the library at Trabzon Çağlayan Adnan Menderes Primary School, after which he was named.

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