80 thousand people are employed in the defense industry

A panel titled “Past, Present and Future of Turkish Defense Industry” was organized for students at Samsun University (SAMU) Ballıca Campus. To the panel; Defense Industry Vice President Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekçi, Chairman of the Board of Teknopark Istanbul and Member of the Board of Roketsan Prof. Dr. Metin Yerebakan and TAI Board Member and UAV Systems Deputy General Manager Dr. Ömer Yıldız participated as a speaker.


Presidential Defense Industry Vice President Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekçi stated that the defense industry, which was established in 1925 with significant investments, has passed through difficult processes and reached its present success. Tüfekçi said, “The Presidency of Defense Industry was established in 1985. We have been designing and producing ourselves since 2014. We entered the top 100 with 7 companies in 2020 and 2 companies in 2021.”

Stating that they plan to make more important moves for a strong defense industry in the coming years, Tüfekçi drew attention to the importance of developing national technologies and an effective division of labor for this. Tüfekçi stated that the money spent on defense in the world is 2 trillion dollars, 40 percent of this is spent by America and 20 percent by China, and recommending students to learn English and Chinese as a second language, “Let’s make a Chinese market before China makes us a market”. used the phrase. Tüfekçi, who said that Turkey’s exports in the defense industry in 2021 were 3.2 billion dollars, stated that these figures will increase gradually even though there is a decrease due to the effect of the pandemic. Explaining that 80 thousand people are employed in the defense industry sector, Tüfekçi emphasized that this is an important figure but not enough.


Teknopark Istanbul Chairman of the Board and Roketsan Board Member Prof. Dr. Emphasizing that the defense industry has a very deep and deep-rooted history, Metin Yerebakan said, “By studying the movements of the moon, sun, stars and the earth, Uluğ Bey drew a world atlas that Westerners have used for 350 years, and Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who built the world’s first mortar. The importance and contributions of Hoca İshak, who was the first head teacher of the Artillery School, Nuri Demirağ, who built a passenger plane with military features, and Özdemir Bayraktar, who is considered one of the last links in this field, in the defense industry are great. Özdemir Bayraktar, who has made significant contributions to the field of aviation, is one of the leading figures. May God have mercy on him, “he said.

Stating that a steady progress has been made in this area for the last two decades, Yerebakan noted that the defense industry has gained momentum, especially with the 2023 strategies, and drew attention to the importance of Technopark Istanbul in this development. Pointing out that there is no infrastructure like Technopark Istanbul in any technopark in the world, Yerebakan said, “This is our industrial zone. For example, we are developing the engine of the Altay Tank. They will be able to make the mass production of the engine here. We can place the factory on an area of ​​20 decares.”


Finally, TAI Board Member and UAV Systems Deputy General Manager Dr. In his speech, Ömer Yıldız drew attention to the importance of aircraft and UAVs in the defense industry, “The history of unmanned aerial vehicles dates back to the 90s. It is necessary to constantly monitor the field returns of the products produced. We developed this project while manufacturing ANKA. ANKA is currently used in force commands. “You should benefit from past experience while developing a product, especially if you are producing a new product.”

Dr. Ömer Yıldız gave information about the defense vehicles that are currently in production. Explaining that important steps have been taken in the field of defense industry, Yıldız added that there are many projects whose planning process and design are ongoing.

After completing their speeches, the participants answered the questions that came to them. After the participants finished their speeches, they answered the questions from the students. The panel was attended by Samsun University Rector Prof. Dr. It ended with Mahmut Aydın presenting his gifts to the participants and taking a souvenir photo.

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