Security alert before the UEFA Europa League final!

Scotland in the Europa League Rangers with Germany Eintracht Frankfurt A security alert has been issued against possible violent incidents between the fans in the Spanish city of Seville, which will host the final match between the teams to be played on Wednesday.

by the local government of Seville “high risk matchIt has been reported that a total of 5,500 security guards, including 3,000 national police, will be present in the city for the announced Eintracht Frankfurt – Rangers match.

In the statements made to the press, it was shared that anti-terrorist teams will also take part in areas where fans will be concentrated around the stadium and in the city centers, that many roads will be closed to traffic, and that the terraces of the bars around the stadium will be out of service.

While up to 100,000 Scottish and German fans came to the city for the match, 324 additional flights were planned at Sevilla and Malaga airports on May 17-19.


In the new format of the UEFA Europa League, the second most important tournament of European football after the Champions League, Spanish teams showed the most success.

The organization, formerly known as the UEFA European Cup, was held under the name UEFA Europa League since the 2009-2010 season, while Sevilla took the trophy to its museum 4 times since that season. The champion of the cup, which Atletico Madrid won 3 times, was another Spanish team Villarreal last season.

In the new format of the UEFA Europa League, apart from the Spanish teams, two English teams enjoyed the trophy. Manchester United took the trophy, which Chelsea won twice, to the museum once.

If Eintracht Frankfurt or Rangers win the final match tomorrow, a representative of a country other than Spanish and English teams will be successful in winning the trophy in the Europa League, which has been played in its new format since the 2009-2010 season.


Eintracht Frankfurt, which was in the same group as Fenerbahçe in the UEFA Europa League and drew 1-1 in both matches with the Yellow and Navy, was undefeated until the final.

If the German team wins the final, they will be the second team to perform this performance of Chelsea, who won the cup without losing a match in the 2018-2019 season.

Eintracht Frankfurt, which will play in the final match for the 4th time in European cups, last played the European final 42 years ago (1979-1980) and won the only UEFA Cup in its history that year.

Scottish representative Rangers will reach their 6th final in Europe. Rangers, who played 5 finals in Europe before, were only able to take the European Cup Winners to their museum in the 1971-1972 season.

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