Salda Lake description: There was a 5 cm rise


Emphasizing that the waste water access to Salda Lake was prevented by the works carried out, Hacı Abdullah Uçan said:
“The images shared in the press about Lake Salda are definitely not the source of waste water, but the natural appearance of the spring waters in the area where they meet with Lake Salda. While our Ministry carries out sensitive studies, there have been unfounded allegations in the press lately, and the public is misled by placing images from areas unrelated to our projects in each of the claims. It has been determined that the place is not a swamp, that there is water withdrawal in this area within the framework of seasonal normals, and it has been determined that the yellow mud appearance is caused by the wind transport of the pollen from the surrounding forests and reeds on the water leaking from the lakes feeding the lake in this area.When Salda Lake is evaluated in terms of the global drought experienced in our country This is one of our lakes affected by drought.However, the biggest cause of drought is global climate change as in the rest of the world, and in this context, efforts are made to increase the water potential and quality of the lake. continues.”

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