NTV announcer Özlem Sarıkaya Yurt passed away

39-year-old NTV announcer who has been battling breast cancer for some time Ozlem Sarikaya Dormitoryhe lost his life.

In the news published by NTV after Yurt’s death, “Özlem said goodbye to life, to those who loved her, to us very early. We will always remember her with her beautiful heart, her beautiful soul, her always smiling smile and her soothing voice.” said.

Özlem Sarıkaya Yurt, the screen face of NTV, who was selected as the best morning news presenter by the European Journalists Association in 2009, passed away.

Yurt, 39, was battling breast cancer. The famous screen face became a mother in 2013.


After Yurt’s death, NTV included the following statements in its news:

“Turkey recognized him with his smiling face and beautiful voice. It has reached millions of people from NTV screens for years. Those who knew him well told that his heart is as beautiful as his face. Our colleague Özlem Sarıkaya Yurt was only 39 years old. He had been battling the disease for a long time. He was a strong warrior, he resisted, he resisted very much. Özlem graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Cinema and Television. He started his career in Habertürk television. Then he joined NTV family in 2010. Turkey heard many news from his voice. Sometimes we started the day with him on NTV screens and sometimes we ended the night with him. Sometimes he announced a story of hope, sometimes news of disaster. His success in his profession was crowned with many awards. His 9-year-old son, Tibet, came first for him. The disease was diagnosed 4 years ago. Özlem was so passionately devoted to her profession that she did not want to stay away from the studio even while continuing chemotherapy, she worked. His treatment progressed positively, and when he said he had fully recovered, the disease relapsed. Özlem said goodbye to life, to those who loved her, to us very early. We will always remember him with his beautiful heart, his beautiful soul, his always smiling smile and his soothing tone of voice. We will remember what it means, we will not forget.

Özlem Sarıkaya was born on March 21, 1983 in Istanbul.

Having completed his education in Istanbul, he graduated from the Radio, Television and Cinema department of Istanbul University with the first place. The name, who first said hello to the screens in Habertürk, was transferred to NTV in 2010 after a 4-year adventure.

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