Never seen such fraud! He took the red roses that came to the door, his life darkened


The Candan family, who immediately went to the lawyer, learned that Şükran Candan had 5 houses, 1 car and 1 motorcycle put into lien in return for Halil B.’s $95 thousand deed. The family, who called Halil B., got the answer, “I gave your mother 95,000 dollars”, and reported the situation to the police, stopped the foreclosure and filed a counterclaim through their lawyers. Meanwhile, the family investigating Halil B. learned that Halil B. and Nuray F. had defrauded many people with the same method. Şükran Candan, who was defrauded with a bunch of red roses that came to her, said, “I have five flats, my car and my motorcycle.

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