‘Negligence’ case against security guard in knife attack in Kadıköy metro

In the incident where Senanur Damgacı was threatened with a knife by the aggressor Emrah Yılmaz in the Kadıköy-Tavşantepe metro, a lawsuit was filed against the metro security officer Okan Beşikçi with the charge of ‘neglect of duty’ and a prison sentence of 3 months to 1 year.

In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that Okan Beşikçi, who should have been in the security cabin, was not in place when the attacker Emrah Yılmaz entered the metal door detector after passing through the turnstiles at the Nursing Home Metro Station.

It was stated in the indictment that Emrah Yılmaz, who passed with a knife, could not be stopped because the security cabin was empty, and that Okan Beşikçi was busy with the object in his hand next to the turnstiles. In the camera footage analyzed in the indictment, it was emphasized that there was no hand detector in the hands of the suspected subway officer or on the security desk.


In the indictment, it was stated that the statements of the private security officer Ünal Aygenoğlu and the responsible security chief Ahmet Küçük, who first learned about the incident, were also taken after the passengers who got off the train at the Bostancı station were informed.

In their statements, both subway officers stated that the passengers passing through the turnstiles at the stations first passed through the door detectors and stopped if they gave a signal. It was reported that if the door gave a signal, the passengers and their belongings were searched with hand detectors this time.

It was also stated by his colleagues that although the light of the door detector was on in the incident, the security guard neglected his duty by not standing in front of the door and did not prevent the attacker with the knife from entering.


In the indictment, which stated that the expert report also revealed the crime of neglect of duty, it was emphasized that the suspect Okan Beşikçi was also administratively punished with 2 daily wages above the upper limit.

In Okan Beşikçi’s statement, the attacker claimed that Emrah Yılmaz passed through the turnstiles by pressing his card like normal passengers, and that the metal door detector was in no way sensitive to the knife and did not give a signal.

Beşikçi stated that if the device had given a signal, he could have stopped the attacker and argued that he stood next to the turnstiles because he had applied the HEPP code. Beşikçi said he did not admit the accusation.


In the indictment, it was emphasized that although Okan Beşikçi said in his statement to the prosecutor’s office that he applied the HEPP code, he stated that during the disciplinary investigation, his mother made a phone call due to health problems. In the indictment, which stated that the suspect made a defense to avoid the crime, it was reported that he was not in the place where he was supposed to work, and that he did not see the device giving a red signal because he was interested in his mobile phone.

As it is clearly understood from the camera images, it was stated that Okan Beşikçi, the subway officer, should have been in the security cabin when Emrah Yılmaz entered through the door detector and had to do the necessary actions on the signal, but he did not fulfill his responsibility by not being on duty.

In the indictment, it was determined that the suspected subway officer had neglected to fulfill the requirements of his duty to ensure the safety of life and property of the passengers, and it was requested that he be tried for the crime of ‘neglect of duty’.

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