Last minute: Ministry announced: Eren Blockade-10 Mount Ararat operation was launched

The statement from the Ministry is as follows;

After the PKK separatist terrorist organization’s so-called Mount Ararat group was neutralized within the scope of EREN WINTER-9 Mount Ararat Operation, the organization increased its efforts to reinforce the region, and upon the intelligence information by the MIT that a terrorist group of 5 people from Iran would infiltrate the region, SEARCH-FIND-DESTROY EREN ABLUKA-10 (AĞRI MOUNTAIN) Martyr J.Uzm.Çvş. Operation Çetin AK (2022-1) was launched.

915 personnel (52 operational teams) consisting of Gendarmerie Commando, JÖH and Security Guard teams are participating in the operation under the coordination of Erzurum Gendarmerie Regional Command.


While all the shelters and caves in the Mount Ararat region from the Iranian border were thoroughly searched by the troops, a separatist terrorist organization member, who tried to infiltrate the region, was neutralized with his weapon in the conflict that broke out on the first day of the operation.


By Ağrı Provincial Gendarmerie Command, “EREN WINTER-9 (AGRI MOUNTAIN) MARTYR J.ASB.KD.ÇVŞ. EMRE DOKUMACI, supported by Air Force, JIHA and SİHA, on 19 February 2022 in the rural area of ​​Ağrı Mountain in Doğubayazıt district, 80 days in a detected cave. As a result of the ongoing efforts, the PKK’s so-called Mount Ararat group was destroyed.

EREN BLOCK OPERATIONS, which are carried out to completely eradicate terrorism in the country, continue successfully with the support of our people, with CONFIDENCE and RESOLUTION.

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