Last minute: CHP’s Bülent Öz said “My cousin asked for the tender, I did not give it”! It turned out that he


Özgür Erbil, the son of CHP Mayor Bülent Öz’s aunt, who has been working for the Çan Municipality for a long time, came to the brink of bankruptcy when he could not get his money from the Municipality for a long time due to his works. Allegedly; Özgür Erbil could not stand by the corruption he witnessed any longer and filed a criminal complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding some incidents in which he was involved. In line with the information given by Özgür Erbil, the Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the incident.

They were called to testify under the supervision of the police.

Within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Çan Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office; It was decided to take the testimony of many Municipality employees, including the Mayor’s driver, ZY, and his advisor, U.S., on charges of embezzlement. The teams affiliated to the Çan Police Department went to the Municipality with the instruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and took them to the police station to take the statements of the accounting manager AY, the driver ZY and the personnel manager Ş.U.


Accounting manager AY, driver ZY and personnel Manager Ş.U. He gave a statement to the Prosecutor until the late hours of the night. In line with the information provided by the personnel, statements were taken from 23 people, including Mayor Öz’s advisor, U.S., and CHP City Council members, late at night.


In the interrogation, which continued until the first light of the morning, the company officials who did business with the Municipality were also called to the Courthouse and their statements were taken as witnesses. In the interrogations, it was determined that the company’s officials were asked about the interior decoration expenses, invoices and money of the house that Mayor Bülent Öz had his cousin Özgür Erbil built by combining the two apartments last year. Allegedly, the luxury decoration expenses of the president’s private apartment were invoiced to the Municipality with different business items, and Özgür Erbil could not collect some from the president.


In addition, in the interrogation, the Mayor Bülent Öz, who participated in the 6th Business Forum Prizren, organized in Kosovo in 2019 with the decision of the Assembly, had news about who took him to this trip, to whom the invoices for the expenses were made, and about Özgür Erbil, which was revealed that the City Council participated in the trip. was asked whether


Defending that his cousin’s allegations were crazy nonsense, Chairman Öz denied the allegations against him, saying, “What has been done is filth, defamation.” Claiming that his cousin had filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office with unfounded allegations, President Öz said, “Our managers, officers and tradesmen from outside were summoned to the Courthouse to take their statements. I said, ‘He should pay attention to his words, I said that I have no authority to employ people A or B in matters of Science. He wanted me to show his unfinished work as if I had done it correctly, to say it as if I had done it. I vehemently refused to do so.’ he said.

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