Germany: Turkey’s arguments should be taken seriously – Last Minute World News

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, in a statement to journalists within the scope of the European Union (EU) Defense Ministers Meeting in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, stated that she is happy with Finland and Sweden’s efforts to become members of NATO, and that this would be good for both these two countries and NATO. expressed.

Stating that the two countries will enrich NATO, Lambrecht said, “All decisions regarding the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO should be taken unanimously. For this reason, it is important that we talk very intensely with Turkey and that the concerns or arguments presented are taken seriously, but in the end it is so powerful. “The joining of two EU countries, Finland and Sweden, to NATO is a wealth for NATO. I believe Turkey will be convinced of this as well.” made its assessment.

Lambrecht argued that this argument should be at the forefront, stating that Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO will strengthen the security of these two countries.

Emphasizing that Germany supports the participation of the two countries in NATO, Lambrecht said, “We have good arguments. This will be beneficial not only for Finland and Sweden, but also for NATO.” used the phrases.

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