France’s first female prime minister in 30 years

Elisabeth Borne, who was born as the daughter of a Jewish family of Polish origin, who escaped from the Auschwitz camp and took refuge in France as a refugee, sat in the prime minister’s seat yesterday.

Borne, who has served in various ministries in the government since 2017, is known as a left-leaning female minister. Borne served in the offices of socialist ministers such as Jack Lang, Lionel Jospin and Ségolène Royal before joining the party of French President Emmanuel Macron.

From the right, he worked with Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe and Jean Castex. Speaking at the handover ceremony, Borne said, referring to the future of girls, “I want to dedicate this nomination to all little girls, I want them to follow their dreams and never give up, nothing should slow down the fight for women’s place in our society.”

Addressing the lawmakers as the first female prime minister after 30 years, Borne asked them to trust her and said, “The President was elected with a clear and ambitious program, we need the largest possible majority to realize these programs.” Prime Minister Borne has a difficult reform dossier in front of him. While the pension law comes first, purchasing power, inflation, ecology, health, education, democratic renaissance and European security are among the issues that need to be addressed.

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