Am I entitled to mayoral compensation?

QUESTION: I am retired from SSK. I was mayor between 1985-1988. Do I have the right to receive mayoral compensation from SSI? What is the compensation amount? Ali K.

With the amendment made in the temporary article 4 of the Law No. 5510, which entered into force in 2008/October, from those who receive retirement or old-age pension according to the social security laws:

– Having served as the mayor as a result of the elections before 2008/October, elected to his duties and continued these duties for at least two years,

– Office and duty compensation is paid to retired mayors who fulfill the conditions of 58 years if they are women, 60 years and 9 thousand days if they are men, or 61 years and 5 thousand 400 days for men and women. 2008/October, which is the effective date of Law No. 5510;

– Those who fulfill it before the beginning, from this date,

– Those who fulfill it later are paid as of the date they are entitled, by adding their compensation to their pensions.

Office and duty compensations are recalculated as the civil servant salary coefficient changes and are paid together with their pensions. As of 2022/January period to district mayors paid office compensation is 3000 x 0.235445 =706.34 TL, duty compensation is 9000 x 0.235445 =2.119.01 TL.

QUESTION: My wife was born on 20/2/1983, SSI start date is 13/9/1999, she misses EYT with 5 days. If a decision is taken regarding EYT, is there anything we can compensate for the 5 days in question? By the way, we have a daughter born in 2010. Will those 5 days be compensated with birth debt or what can we do? Fatih O.

Your spouse’s first employment date is 13/9/1999, and since the start of insurance is after 8/9/1999, he is not within the scope of retirement age (EYT). According to the regulation introduced by Law No. 4447, the conditions for entitlement to old-age pension for women insured after 9/9/1999;

– 58 years 7 thousand days or

– 58 years old, 25 years of insurance and at least 4,500 days.

Your spouse will retire according to either of these two rules.

On the other hand, the purpose of the legal regulation on maternity debt was to provide service to women insured who were away from working life due to childbirth, by debiting this period of time. Therefore, the period of birth of female insured persons after the starting date of insurance is debited. Since your spouse’s insurance start date is 1999 and the birth was in 2010, maternity debt does not take back the beginning of insurance. Therefore, the conditions for your spouse’s entitlement to the pension I mentioned do not change. In this case, there is nothing to be done for the 5-day period.

QUESTION: I am a retired civil servant. My monthly start date is 15/01/2000. After I retired, I worked in the private sector between 22/1/2008-2016/February under the scope of 4/a, and at the same time, I continued to receive my pension. Accordingly, will the periods I worked within the scope of 4/a post-retirement be added to my retirement services, will my retirement status change and will my monthly amount increase? Mithat S.

Pensions of those who receive a pension from the Retirement Fund and start working in the private sector within the scope of 4/a (SSK) are not deducted. Their salaries continue to be paid, but short-term insurance premiums and social security support premiums (SGDP) are deducted from their earnings subject to premium due to their work within the scope of 4/a. SGDP is a type of premium that allows the insured to both work and receive their pensions.

Works subject to SGDP are not considered as normal service. It provides the necessary assistance from these insurance branches only if the insured has a possible work accident or gets an occupational disease while working. Therefore, these services are not combined with your other services and are not used for recalculation of the pension. Since it is not used in the salary account, it does not create an increase in your pension.


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