We will closely monitor the consequences of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovcapital MoscowIn a statement to reporters in Finland and Sweden‘of NATOevaluated their decision to apply to join the .

Dmitry Peskov, RussiaNoting that Turkey has no border disputes with Finland and Sweden, “If Ukraine had joined NATO, Russia would have had a border dispute with a NATO member state, which would have created serious security hazards in the entire region.” he said.

Noting that the possible consequences of Sweden and Finland joining NATO should be examined in depth, Peskov said, “We are not convinced that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will strengthen or improve the security architecture on our continent (Europe)” said.

Peskov emphasized that they are concerned about the process in question, “This is an issue that worries us. We will be watching very closely what kind of consequences Finland and Sweden’s joining NATO will have for our security, which must be ensured.” used the phrases.

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