Scandalous decision by TEMAD: The reaction to political bribery was disciplined

Hard; “The awarding of an ‘honorary membership’ to a person alleged to have made these statements about the Glorious Turkish Army, which I proudly served for years, has deeply injured me and many of my friends.” said.

Sert continued:

It is very thought-provoking that TEMAD Gaziemir Branch Management has been honored these days when the lawsuit process, which has been going on for almost 2 years, allegedly insulting our national and moral values, our police and our President. The Turkish Retired NCOs Association is an organized institutional structure throughout Turkey with a public interest, where not individuals but the long-suffering sons of this Nation are represented. I do not find it right to give such a membership to a person who is alleged to have insulted the Glorious Turkish Army, whose uniform I wear with pride and honor, on behalf of our association, before the trial is over.

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