Occupancy rate of dams decreased in İzmir

İzmir’s water needs are met from Tahtalı, Balçova, Ürkmez, Güzelhisar, Gördes and Alaçatı Kutlu Aktaş dams and underground springs, but due to the cold weather, the water rates in the dams decreased due to insufficient precipitation. Especially in Tahtalı, which is the main drinking water dam of İzmir and where 44 percent of the city’s water needs are met, the decrease in the water level drew attention. According to İZSU data, while Tahtalı was 74 percent last year, it decreased to 63 percent this year. The water level of the Balçova Dam, which was 91 percent last year, has increased to 71 percent this year, the water level of the Ürkmez Dam to 88%, which was 89 percent in the Ürkmez Dam, from 9 percent to 5 percent in the Gördes Dam, and the Güzelhisar Dam decreased from 83% to 82%.

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Marine Sciences and Technology Institute Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Dogan Yasar, Drawing attention to the decrease in water rates in dams, “44% of İzmir’s water needs are supplied from Tahtalı Dam, 51% from underground sources and the rest from other dams. There is a decrease of 11 percent in Tahtalı Dam. We had a very cold time. Rainfall rates have dropped. There was a serious food and energy crisis both in the world and in our country. Now it looks like the water crisis will be added to this. The condition is bad. We are still in the middle of May. The water level is at 63 percent. This is a very low figure. Evaporation has not yet begun. It will drop further with warm weather. The lowest rate was in 2008. The water level in Tahtalı Dam had dropped to 5 percent. It may drop to those levels again this year. It’s a dangerous situation. Those who manage Izmir should make plans B and C. If Tahtalı fails, it should be determined from where the water will be supplied.‘ he said.

Listing his suggestions, Prof. Dr. Yaşar, giving an example from the US state of California, “Last year, grass planting and irrigation were banned in the US state of California due to drought. Irrigation of gardens should be prohibited. We must take action now. We should use water sparingly” said.

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