‘Not every diet provides healthy weight loss’

With the arrival of the holiday season, those who want to have a fit body accelerated their preparations. Many people who want to lose their weight while going on summer vacation with additional exercises to their intense diet programs may face major health problems as a result of uncontrolled movements. Experts, on the other hand, warn citizens who are on a diet to act in a controlled manner and to consume plenty of water.


Dietician Mutlu Oğuz, who stated that the diets applied should be done in a controlled manner, drew attention to water consumption.

Stating that water consumption should be increased with the increase in air temperatures, Oğuz added that it is important to control the metabolic rate and said:With the warm weather, coats and sweaters were put on the shelves. Summer clothes also change our body perception. We should pay attention to the shock diets and low-carb diets applied as we enter the summer. This type of diet should be avoided as it harms the metabolism. We should not forget that the lost weight is regained in a short time. In this period when diets are started, it should not be forgotten in physical activities. The day should be started with an egg breakfast and meals should not be skipped.

– Plenty of water should be consumed. 30-35 milliliters of water per kilo is sufficient. However, this amount can be increased as the weather gets warmer. The decrease in the amount of fluid in the body slows down the metabolism. It causes systems such as digestion, absorption, muscle and tissue to work less. Losing weight quickly will disrupt the working speed of metabolism. Main meals must be made and snacks should not be skipped. Snacks should be taken 2-3 hours after the main meals. Especially seasonal fruits, yoghurt, ayran, cheese, dried fruits should be preferred.” said.


Noting that uncontrolled diets affect health negatively rather than losing weight, Mutlu Oğuz used the following statements:

Uncontrolled diets while preparing for the summer season can adversely affect health. While trying to enter the summer season with a fit body, it is necessary to pay attention to the diets in order not to experience health problems. Not every diet provides healthy weight loss. You may experience health problems while trying to lose weight. It is useful to consult experts instead of choosing diets that are stuffed by ear.

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