“NEXT by TRT World Forum”, which brought together world-famous young names, was held with wide participation.

TRT World Forum, which has been organized since 2017 and discusses the important problems of the world, has launched a new platform where journalists, academics, members of non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs who have made a difference in their fields make their voices heard and exchange ideas. In the “NEXT by TRT World Forum”, which was realized on Saturday, May 14, at Zorlu PSM, experts in their fields met with young people and discussed the power and importance of youth in shaping the future.


“The Metaverse and the Media: How the Latest Trend of Technology Will Impact Journalism?” TRT General Manager Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, who attended the session and experienced the session with the youth, addressed the youth and said, “NEXT is an organization that brings together the youth and the future. When the youth and the future come together, we must add a third concept to it; that is the concept of hope. In fact. When we look at the world in general, we see that the problems are at a more dominant point. We are trying to produce a number of decision-making processes to solve these problems, we are trying to establish consultation platforms, but we are missing something. It is young people who are an important resource. That’s why we organized NEXT, We wanted to take the youth into consideration because there is creativity, imagination, innovative ideas and dynamism in the nature of the youth. much more creative and end-to-end than the previous generation We wanted to focus on the youth who use it in a three-focus way with this event, and we wanted to make the youth a part of this process under the roof of TRT World Forum.”


Young experts from Turkey and the world attended the “NEXT by TRT World Forum”, where many questions and issues from the problems of our planet to space tourism, from the advancement of technology to the decline of society and from instant consumption content to business models were discussed. Ece Çiftçi, the founder of the SocialBen Foundation, was one of the names that emphasized “active citizenship” in the event, which drew attention to the importance of young people in the change of the world. “As young people, we want the same for the world as we want for our own countries,” said Ciftci, emphasizing “cooperation”.

Can Yurdakul, Faisal UK, Sara El Jamal and Begüm Aydınoğlu, the founders of the world’s first metaverse agency, attended a panel discussion on how the metaverse will affect the shaping of the new world. Stating that the borders have been destroyed and the world has become much wider with Metaverse, the team also revealed how young people work in this field.

The panel “Voice for the Planet: Youth Climate Movement” on the climate crisis was followed with interest by all participants. Speaking at the panel, young climate activist Xiye Bastida said, “When I look into the eyes of adults, I want to say to them, ‘I don’t want to be afraid for my future.’ I don’t want to see 1.2 million climate refugees in 2050. I don’t want to see 90% of the world being uninhabitable.” Speaking at the same panel, Neeshad Shafi said, “The reason we started the Arab Youth Climate Movement is to make the voice of young people in the region heard. Sometimes I think the global climate movement is only for whites. The media always focuses on climate conferences in the west.”


In addition to the panels on the main stage, many events were held on the parallel stage. Young people, who experienced many activities from NFT workshop to digital graffiti, from interviews with special guests to virtual reality, enjoyed being in collaboration with each other and with many national and international organizations at the “NEXT by TRT World Forum”.

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