Mehmet Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Board of GYODER, evaluated the meeting they had with Minister Nebati.

Treasury and Finance Minister Nebati met with representatives of the housing sector at the Presidential Dolmabahçe Work Office as part of the “From Unity to Abundance in Fighting Inflation” program.

The meeting, which was closed to the press and attended by approximately 60 business people, lasted nearly 2 hours.

Mehmet Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Investors Association (GYODER), who made a statement at the end of the meeting, stated that they consulted the latest situation of the sector with Minister Nebati and his team, and said, “As the issue is multidimensional, regulations regarding all areas from land ownership to building materials, financing and taxation have come to the fore. ” said.

Stating that there are solutions to the increase in construction materials and the high cost of land at the moment, Kalyoncu said, “It has been determined that the prices of the intermediaries have increased in a short time on the advertisement sites. We have seen that the ministry has taken a very serious stance regarding these. This is also pleasing. Because the producing companies are exposed to criticism here. But of course, it wouldn’t be right to hold them responsible for price changes in these listing areas beyond their control.” he said.


Mehmet Kalyoncu noted that issues such as increasing the rate of localization in the sector, using technology more, and acting with a common mind in urban design were also discussed, and said that the effects of the meeting will be seen in the coming days.

When asked whether there was a concrete proposal to stop the increase in housing prices, Kalyoncu said that it is necessary to be sensitive here.

Kalyoncu made the following statements in response to the question of how land costs can be reduced or controlled:

“The biggest input is land. For accessible housing, there must be accessible land. We have seen that the state has a reflex of regulation in this regard. You know, in the last announced package, the regulation of keeping prices constant for a certain period of time was discussed. If there is a mechanism like this, accessible land will be produced and accessible housing We think it will pave the way for production as well.”


Altan Elmas, Chairman of the Board of the Housing Developers and Investors Association (KONUTDER), stated that the main issue was the fight against inflation and said, “The main emphasis here was that the expectation inflation reached a higher level than the cost inflation. Among the 69.9 percent April inflation, more than half of it was expected inflation. stated that.” he said.

Expressing that the expectations in the social sense and accordingly the pricing behavior have deteriorated, Elmas said that they also made statements about the reasons for the housing price increases.

Noting that the housing prices are currently lagging behind the costs, Elmas said, “Our goal is to prevent the excessively increasing inflation due to the expectation disorder. This includes both housing prices and rents. A comprehensive evaluation was made on the material side in terms of revealing a more controlled pricing behavior.” made a statement.


Altan Elmas stated that after the last support packages announced, 64 thousand people were determined to increase the housing price and continued his words as follows:

“They stated that they detected this on 5 websites and that these figures caused price increases between 10 percent and 30 percent in the second hand. We also said that these increases were not caused by the producers. Especially when a second-hand interest rate reduction mechanism is established, this will inevitably lead to people looking for some opportunity. We have stated that there is such a pricing behavior in general, but that it will not reflect on the general public.”

On a question about whether housing prices will decrease or not, Elmas said, “The prices do not decrease, friends. Our concern is to prevent further increases, rather than to reduce prices, to provide stability. The government has also introduced a credit mechanism in terms of providing access to housing especially for non-residents. We also care about this. Therefore, we are ready to give our support in every sense.” made a statement.

Emphasizing that the Ministry of Finance has the means to identify those who sell at high prices and show low in the title deed, Elmas emphasized that the Ministry of Treasury and Finance has demonstrated that it will seriously fight inflation.


DAP Yapı Chairman of the Board Ziya Yılmaz also stated that all the problems in the sector were handled in a broad framework and said that the negotiations would be very beneficial for the future.

Stating that prices may come back if more land is developed, Yılmaz drew attention to the rise in commodity prices, especially regarding the increases.

Noting that it would not be correct to evaluate the decrease in loan rates and the increase in housing prices in parallel, Yılmaz said, “The main factor in price increases is the increase in land and commodity prices. However, I think that commodity prices will not increase any more and I evaluate that housing prices will stay here.” said.


İhlas Yapı AŞ Deputy General Manager Recai Akdoğan, on the other hand, stated that Minister Nebati is closely interested in sectoral problems and that solution proposals for basic problems were discussed.

In response to the question whether Minister Nebati had a request from them, Akdoğan said, “It was a very productive meeting. Our Minister did not have any requests from us. He just asked our ideas about what kind of suggestions we could have. We conveyed our ideas to them.” he said.

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