Famous screenwriter Kemal Kenan Ergen passed away

The famous screenwriter Kemal Kenan Ergen (55), who wrote the scripts of many hit TV series and made a throne in the hearts of his fans with his movies and TV series, passed away in the hospital where he was treated after a heart attack.

Ergen’s death saddened his family, the art community and his fans.

The funeral of writer and screenwriter Ergen, who is married and father of two, residing on Fener Yolu Street in Istanbul Kadıköy Fener Yolu Neighborhood, was buried in Değirmendere Central Mosque after the afternoon prayer.


Born in Kocaeli on January 1, 1967, screenwriter Kemal Kenan Ergen was known for many years with the nickname ‘Kemken’ in the humor arena. His stories published under L-Manyak, Lombak and Penguen have won the appreciation of humor lovers. Kemal Kenan Ergen, who proved his coming of age in this lane by signing the script of the ‘Sweet Loafers’ series, also took part in the script team of the movie ‘Everything Will Be Beautiful,’ starring Cem Yılmaz and Mazhar Alanson.

Ergen, who also wrote for the program ‘It Will Be So Much’, has also appeared in movies such as ‘Bitch Byzantine’, ‘Hababam Class Hello’, ‘Ömerçip’, ‘Hababam Class in the Soldier’ ​​and ‘Hababam 3,5’; He was executive producer of the movie ‘Time Machine 1973’.

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