Did the İBB, who threw the relatives of the martyrs, opened a staff for the terrorist organization?

Şafak Duran, who works as a social worker in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and was arrested for membership in the terrorist organization PKK, was brought to the agenda of the parliament.
The May sessions of the IMM Assembly started at the IMM Building Assembly Meeting Hall in Saraçhane under the presidency of Zeynel Abidin School, the 1st Deputy Chairman of the Assembly.
Rıdvan Bural, Member of Parliament from the AK Party, who took the floor in the parliament, gave a parliamentary question about Şafak Duran, who works as a social worker in İBB and was arrested for membership in the terrorist organization PKK.
Stating in the parliamentary question that the current IMM administration emphasized merit in recruitment during the election period and dismissed thousands of people without question and question as soon as they took office, Bural said that with the statement made by Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu last year, people are aware of the positions opened to terrorist organizations in recruitments in IMM. noted that.

Reminding that the arrests of the members of the terrorist organization, who were found while the work of the inspection boards formed after that, continued, Bural said:
“When the incident was first announced, those who stormed the square saying, ‘Where are they, give us the list, if they are members of a terrorist organization, come and get them’, they questioned the procedure and tried to change the agenda when the arrests started. By doing this, they entered the effort of perception management, which is what they do best. After the statements made by our Minister, the registry records requested in a haste, face-to-face meetings, and dismissals were reflected in the media. In fact, even these news shows the gravity of the situation to all of us. With the statement made by IMM, an attempt was made to create an atmosphere as if “the terrorist was not caught in IMM.” The work of the terrorist, financed by the International Labor Organization and the German National Cooperation Organization, in the project of “supporting decent work for refugee and host communities” is another scandal because it is another scandal. is this human “Sveddesi and its derivatives have nothing to do with anything human.”

Asking how many thousand people the IMM administration, which took over in 2019, had dismissed so far and for what reason, Bural asked how many thousand people have been hired since then, and what merit principles have been applied when hiring these people.
Bural asked whether members of terrorist organizations were recruited to the vacancies when the employment contracts of veterans and their relatives were terminated, “How many people have been fired in haste after the statements made by the Ministry of Interior, what was the justification given? In the recruitment process, the security investigation and research process were inconsistent with the statements of the Ministry of Interior,” Bural said. What is the reason for making manipulative statements? he said.
Bural said, “How many people did this terrorist meet with, how many of them were lured by the project, how many people did he tag. What information was this person allowed to access.” said.
CHP Group Spokesperson Tarık Balyalı said that the issue of terrorism is a very serious issue. Balyalı claimed that this issue was used to wear down İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu.

AK Party Group Spokesperson Faruk Gökkuş stated that Tarık Balyalı threw the ball into the crown and said, “A staff member who received training with kelles on a mountain and worked in IMM after completing that training, within the scope of the project carried out by the International Labor Organization with IMM. He was detained and arrested due to terrorism. His workers “The work organization does not determine, but look, it is clear that these international organizations with which you carry out projects and cooperate with terrorists support terrorists, from now on, you will also consider with whom you cooperate.”
Stating that while hiring workers, cooperation should be made with state institutions and security units, Gökkuş noted that the terrorist is not a person, there have been arrests indicating that people affiliated with the terrorist organization were recruited in the cemetery directorate, and that attention should be paid here.

Tarık Balyalı, who took the floor again, stated that the International Labor Organization is affiliated to the United Nations, that the contracts prepared by the organization were signed with Turkey many years ago and are now included in the acquis as law.
Pointing out that IMM, as an institution of the state, takes into account the criminal record records given by the state, Balyalı said, “There is no problem in the criminal record regarding this person. He has no previous criminal record. Our municipality would have done what was necessary,” he said.

Speaking on this, AK Party Group Spokesperson Faruk Gökkuş said, “The criminal record record is the document obtained when a person is arrested, tried and convicted as a result of his trial. What we are talking about here is security research, archive scanning. While you are sacking 15 thousand workers (from work). “You are examining their social media accounts, did you examine their social media accounts while recruiting these employees? No, it doesn’t work for you… Let me correct this mistake…” he said.

Silivri Mayor and MHP Group Deputy Chairman Volkan Yılmaz also stated that the parliamentary question given by the AK Party group was a very clear question, but Tarık Balyalı made a perception operation against this parliamentary question.
Defending that Balyalı’s apology is greater than his fault, Yılmaz said:
“If Demirtaş’s brother’s book on the mountain, Sakine Cansız’s books, are offered for sale in IMM’s cultural publications here, if people associated with terrorism are recruited one by one, and if there are tens, hundreds of workers and personnel involved in terrorism that we may not know about. “I would like to advise them to act sincerely on this issue, and not to keep their promises to DİAYDER or the political extensions of the separatist terrorist organization. I want them to know that we will follow these practices until the end. I would like to warn them here.”

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