Belarusian forces concentrated on the Ukrainian border

Russia-Ukraine war UkraineContinuing east and south of Belarusian Armed ForcesIt was claimed that the military units affiliated to Turkey started to be transferred to the Ukrainian border.

British Ministry of Defensepublished a daily press briefing on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ministry of Defense, Belarus Drawing attention to the military movements of his forces, he reported that they concentrated on the Ukrainian border.


According to the ministry, the concentration of troops on the border means that Ukraine will have to keep its own troops close to the border.

That’s why Ukrainian troops are in the east of the country. DonbasIt is estimated that the ongoing conflicts in Turkey will lead to demoralization and loss of power.

It is thought that Belarus will thus distract the Ukrainian troops from the north.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Belarusian forces concentrated on the Ukrainian border include air defense, artillery and missile forces.

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