1 arrest in murder of woman in Silopi

Those collecting recycling materials in the city garbage dump near Başverimli town of Silopi district informed the gendarmerie when they encountered the corpse of a woman whose face had been burned. The gendarmerie and medical teams were dispatched to the region upon the notification. In the examination made by the teams, 6 stab wounds were detected in various parts of the woman’s body.

In the investigation, it was determined that the body belonged to Sakine Kültür, a mother of 5 children living in Silopi.


İbrahim Barkın, YK and HK were taken into custody regarding the incident. İbrahim Barkın, one of the suspects who was transferred to the courthouse after the proceedings, was arrested by the court he was brought to. Other suspects were released after judicial control.

It was stated that the body of Sakine Kültür, whose autopsy was completed, was sent to Van.

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