The issue of global warming was discussed, solutions were offered

The 17th Global Warming Congress was held within the framework of the Environment and Recycling Technologies Fair. The aim of the congress, which was chaired by Celal Toprak, Chairman of the 17th Global Warming Convention Committee, was to raise awareness about the climate crisis that threatens the world.

In the first session of the congress, the approach of the media on global warming was discussed, while in the second session, the perspective of the business world on the subject was discussed. In the last session of the congress, the effects of global warming in Turkey and the world and what is happening will be discussed.


Providing information about the congress, the Chairman of the 17th Global Warming Convention Committee Celal Toprak said, “It is not an easy thing to hold this event for 17 years. When we started, issues such as the ‘climate crisis’ were not on the world’s agenda. Today, it has become the number 1 problem and agenda item in the world. We care a lot. We also paid attention to the fact that this event will be at the Environment and Recycling Technologies Fair this year. That’s why we gathered in Izmir. The point we care about is: We are not making a scientific discussion of the event here. We are trying to contribute to Turkey and the world at the point of awareness. We act from the point of view that people should be more aware of this work, institutions, companies and individuals should pay more attention to and care about certain things. The event has had approximately 8,000 participants so far. These were the leaders of the society at the point of awareness. In the first session, we tried to deal with the media’s awareness of the event, in the second session, we brought up the business world’s view of the event. In the last part, we discuss what is happening in the world and in Turkey. The Global Warming Congress added a lot to us. If we raise the awareness of even one person at the point of awareness, we feel happy. In this sense, we attach importance to the support of many non-governmental organizations to this work. We look forward to more support. We aim to do more effective work in the coming years,” he said.

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