The 90s was the golden age of what?

When it comes to collective memory, forgetting means that we will condemn ourselves to the same suffering, the same destruction, over and over. It means that we allow the events to be repeated every day we live, without learning from our history, without being accountable for the mistakes made, without making a sound to cover up the injustices that drag the whole society into suffering.

The agenda in our country changes very quickly. As such, we inevitably forget many things. As if we would not be able to move on with our lives if we thought, pondered and reacted to all the events we experience every day…

However, many events that we experienced and forgot in the past form the basis of what we suffer from today. Dr. Cansel Poyraz Akyol’s Perpetrator “Famous” 90s! The Sabr of Time (Support Publishing), which was recently introduced to the reader with its subtitle, is a book that helps us understand this.

What relations networks the figures who are trying to come back to the political scene were in that period, what the names that were deleted from politics as if they had never existed in the 2001 elections actually laid the groundwork or caused to be laid in this period, perhaps the most talked about thing throughout the period, mafia-politics where the safety triangle extends…

While reading the book, we reminisce about many issues like these, and realize with pity how history repeats itself, and moreover, it can happen again and again because of the lessons we did not learn in time.

Nowadays, the 90s are always remembered with a flourish. Those who lived in that period explained how the children could play comfortably and safely on the streets, the neighborhood culture preserved its existence, the most important music groups of the world came to our country and gave concerts in stadiums, an atmosphere of freedom was created where different ideas were also visible, which started with the establishment of the first private television, and many other things. They tell the new generations.

However, in the 90’s, we were introduced to the concept of “disguised allowance”, for example, and definitions such as “counter-guerrilla” entered our lives.

One day, we learned that the people in the news of the protest we saw on any television could not be heard from, despite the passage of days, for example, intellectuals and journalists were murdered with the files closed as “unsolved”…

In Patience of Time, Cansel Poyraz Akyol systematically and in detail describes everything that happened in the 90s by collecting from newspaper clippings, statements and interviews of the period, with meticulous work.

The veil that the sense of nostalgia for the past sometimes pulls between us and the realities lifts the veil between us, and we come across with classified information year by year, day by day.

Now that 30 years have passed since the period we are talking about, it is time for us all to look back and remember. One by one, the patience of time revealed the connections that we could not see at that time, and revealed them before us. Now it is our duty to choose not to forget…

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