‘Such a danger awaits us… They want to confuse this country’

Independent Turkey Party (BTP) Chairman Hüseyin Baş talked about election security at his party’s meeting in Istanbul. Baş said, “Such a danger awaits us… Today they want to confuse this country. On June 7, this government could not come to power alone. “They didn’t give the opposition authority to run the country,” he said.

Sunday, May 15, 2022, 18:02

BTP Chairman Baş: 'Such a danger awaits us... They want to confuse this country'



BTP, throughout Turkey; “The Issue Economy: The Solution National Economy Model” started the meetings. The first meeting was held at the Ali Emiri Cultural Center in Fatih.

Speaking about the elections, Hüseyin Baş said, “On June 7, this government did not come to power on its own. They did not authorize the opposition to govern the country. We will hold an election on November 1. Bombs started to explode. Everyone clung to the skirts of the strongest out of fear. This time, we will not cling. This time Whatever you do, we will not come to your games.”

Hüseyin Baş said:

“WHY ARE WE RECEIVING ASYLUM? we don’t have money

  • Our President constantly says, ‘We are Ansar.’ I have not seen a person who is happy with this sentence, whether he is from the AK Party or not. He is called ‘the wolf of politics’, does he make such a mistake, normally he does not. While this citizen is disturbed by the high number of refugees in Turkey, why is the government talking about the ever-increasing number of refugees? Why is there an asylum policy that is stubbornly told? Because when we say to Europe, ‘We have this many refugees’, we get paid. In other words, the reason for the refugees, whose numbers are increased by auction in the country today, is to get money from Europe. Why are we accepting refugees? We have no money, it’s that simple.


  • Such a danger awaits us… Today they want to confuse this country. This government could not come to power alone on 7 June, 7 June 2015. What happened? They did not authorize the opposition to run the country. You say democracy, what democracy? Then they said that we will hold an election on November 1st. Bombs started to explode. Everyone started to tense up. Out of fear, everyone went to the strongest, clinging to the skirts of the strongest again. We’re not sticking this time. Whatever you do this time, we won’t come to your games. Young people, you will never come to provocation.


  • Maybe they are not aware of it, but unfortunately they could not beat the currency. The dollar was 5 liras two years ago, today it is over 15 liras. Is this how they will beat inflation? And yet they did… There is something that many of our citizens do not know about inflation. We think that when inflation falls, prices will also decrease. Get well soon, these prices will not fall. If they want inflation, let them set it to zero percent. These prices are now fixed to us, we will learn to live with these prices. How can we get rid of this? That’s why we need the National Economy Model, which we always proudly show. Without it, they can’t solve anything, it’s not possible. If another government comes tomorrow, do you think that the price of tomatoes will decrease? This is not possible without the implementation of the National Economy Model.


  • Now you have taken 2 million loan, you will pay 0.99 interest, you have to pay back 28 thousand liras per month. Who did you do this for? For his companion. The man has two two million liras. He invested one in interest and earned 30 thousand liras per month from there. He also took a housing loan with the other. The interest of 30 thousand lira, which he received from the money he deposited in the bank, was paid 28 thousand lira every month to the housing loan, and 10 years have passed. The man has 2 million and that money gives birth to a house. He got a free home. Who died? He became a friend. Not for you, not for us. Could such an economic equation exist? We produce economy so that the rich get richer. This is the equation in the country, how can the rich get richer. Why does the poor get poorer while the rich get richer, here is the problem.

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