Some roads in Istanbul will be closed to traffic today

Istanbul Governor’s Office announced that some roads will be closed due to two events to be held today.

The part of Turgut Özal Boulevard (Maltepe Beach Road) between Büyükyalı Bridge and Piri Reis Street Junction and all streets leading to this street will be closed as of 08:00, due to the rally to be held by the aged-at-retirement (EYT) rally in Maltepe Event Area.

It was stated that Büyükyalı Street, Bağdat Street and D-100 highway could be used as alternative routes.

“I’m Running Istanbul” Due to the Anatolian phase of the event, some roads will be temporarily closed to traffic between 06:00 and 11:00 in Üsküdar. The roads to be closed to traffic and alternative routes are as follows:


Üsküdar Harem Coastal Yolu and all streets and roads leading to this route, Hakimiyeti Milliye Caddesi (the part between the Beach and Selmani Pak Caddesi) and all streets and roads leading to this route, Paşalimanı Caddesi and all streets and roads leading to this route, Kuzguncuk Çarşı Caddesi and this all avenues and streets leading to the route, Abdullah Ağa Caddesi (the part between Kuzguncuk Çarşı Caddesi and Kuzguncuk Tünel Exit) and all avenues and streets leading to this route.


Selimiye İskele Caddesi, Dr. Eyüp Aksoy Street, Nuhkuyusu Street, Gümüşyolu Street, D-100 Highway, Beylerbeyi Abdullah Ağa Street, Hakimiyeti Milliye Street, Halk Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Dr. Fahri Atabey Street.

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