Racist politician Paludan burned the Quran under police protection in Sweden – Last Minute World News

Paludan, who was brought to the Husby District of Stockholm in a bulletproof armored vehicle and under the protection of the police, insulted the religion of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by burning the Quran there. Muslims, who went to the balconies after the Quran was burned next to the building they live in and they were disturbed with a megaphone, said, “Can’t we sit comfortably in our homes with our children on a holiday like Saturday? Do we have to listen to Paludan’s insults to Islam from our home?” reacted to the police.

Around 100 policemen guarded Paludan, while 10 plainclothes police from the Swedish Intelligence Service (SEPO) provided close protection.

Afterwards, Paludan was taken to Hallunda Neighborhood, where Turks live, in a convoy accompanied by the police, where he burned the Quran in front of a Turkish restaurant. Osman Demir, the owner of the restaurant, reacted to Paludan and after he threw eggs, the police attacked Demir with a truncheon and had his restaurant closed.

Bus and train services in the region were canceled for Paludan’s provocation.

On the other hand, two people who protested against Paludan were detained by the police.

Paludan, which has been in Sweden since May 12, burned the Quran under the protection of the police in 7 regions.

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