National wrestler Rıza Kayaalp released with judicial control

World and European champion national wrestler Rıza Kayaalp, who was detained after being involved in a traffic accident in which 1 person lost his life in Yozgat, was released on condition of judicial control.

The accident occurred near the village of Çalatlı, which is connected to the center, yesterday evening. Under the direction of national wrestler Rıza Kayaalp, the car with license plate 06 RZA 66 hit Ertuğrul Dolgunyürek (55), the father of 2 children, who was trying to cross the road. Dolgunyürek, who was thrown onto the road, was hit by a TIR with 29 AAG 870 plate under the direction of Necmi Şahin. Dolgunyürek died at the scene of the accident. After the accident, Kayaalp and Şahin were detained.

Rıza Kayaalp and Necmi Şahin, whose procedures at the Gendarmerie were completed, were referred to the courthouse today. Kayaalp and Şahin were released on the condition of judicial control, pending trial by the court they were brought to.


Rıza Kayaalp, who made a statement to the press at the exit of the courthouse, stated that he was very upset and said, “A very sad and undesirable event took place. I wish God’s mercy on the deceased and my condolences to his relatives.”

In a written statement made by her lawyers, Kayaalp said, “While Hadise was driving on the Yozgat-Sivas highway, following all traffic precautions and rules, the deceased suddenly jumped into the main road in an uncontrolled dark environment and hit my car with the thought of crossing over to the opposite side. The person was already holding his arm before the TIR hit him, I saw that the person was like this thanks to the headlights of the TIR, but unfortunately the truck behind could not see it. I already stopped my car immediately and went to help to take the person to the hospital, but because the incident happened suddenly, this happened. “In this tragic incident, I did not have the slightest fault, nor did I have the slightest negligence. It has been determined that I have no faults in our law enforcement officers, eye-witnesses, the findings of the incident and the expert reports received.”

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