Minister of National Education Özer announced: It will be held on May 17

According to the statement made by the Ministry, a Student Achievement Monitoring Survey will be conducted on May 17 in 81 provinces in order to determine the achievements of the students from the curriculum.

The follow-up research will measure students’ achievements in Turkish, mathematics and science courses at the 4th and 7th grade levels, and in Turkish language and literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology courses at the 10th grade level.


Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, whose views were included in the statement, stated that as the Ministry, all facilities were used to ensure the continuity of face-to-face education in schools this academic year and they were very pleased with the point reached.

Stating that necessary measures will be taken to compensate for possible learning losses during the epidemic period, Özer noted that Turkey has participated in international research such as TIMSS, PISA and PIRLS, and that they have achieved a remarkable success as a country in these researches in the last period.

Noting that they attach great importance to national monitoring and evaluation studies as well as international research, Mahmut Özer said, “Student Achievement Monitoring Research, which will be applied to approximately 50 thousand students, will provide the opportunity to see the current situation, make significant contributions to effectively improve the quality of the education process and make up for students.” made its assessment.


Özer stated that the booklets and other application documents to be used in the Student Achievement Monitoring Research, prepared by the General Directorate of Assessment and Examination Services in accordance with the assessment and evaluation principles, will be printed in the assessment and evaluation centers in the provinces and the process will be carried out by these centers.

Minister Mahmut Özer noted that the report cards related to the learning areas evaluated will be sent to the students through the Student Assessment Center Joint Platform, so that the deficiencies of the students will be seen and the necessary support activities will be carried out through the schools.

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