Abdullah Avcı: “The fans set an example to the world”

Trabzonspor Technical Director Abdullah Avcı made a statement after the 2-1 win in Altay match.

Avcı said, “I wanted to win this match very much. Even though we won the championship, our fans come from all over the world, but they can’t always come. Our goal was to win the match in front of them and make them happy when there was such an opportunity.” used the expressions.

The successful coach said that he did not want to get into the game too much, “We could have broken the game earlier. Despite the tiredness of yesterday, the players did everything they could. I hope our fans spent the year very well, we touched them here. Great Trabzonspor fans, living every moment with all their emotion, I saw yesterday. “I am very happy that they are happy. The fans have set an example to the whole world since last year. I thank our fans. We have one week left. I thank those who came here today for their wonderful support.”

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