Shoemaker has been working among ‘canary sounds’ for 30 years

Şenol Yıldırım’s hobby, which started with a pair of canaries he bought 30 years ago, turned into a passion over time.

Yıldırım devoted a significant part of his workshop to cages where he kept 50 pairs of canaries.

As soon as Şenol Yıldırım opens his workshop in the early hours, he first feeds the canaries. The master, who takes care of the birds and controls the young, performs his profession among the sounds of canaries later in the day.


Şenol Yıldırım said that he started his career as an apprentice 34 years ago. Explaining that his love for canaries started 30 years ago, Yıldırım said that he took care of the canaries from their feeding to their care.

“When I said one or two pairs, it increased. Now I have about 50 pairs of birds. I can’t stay here without them, they make me rest. I love my job and my birds very much” Yıldırım said that they came together with canary enthusiasts and established the Trabzon Canary and Cage Birds Association.

Pointing out that he prepares the canaries he raised for beauty contests, Yıldırım said that his customers also love their canaries and that those who come to the workplace listen to the birdsong.


One of Yıldırım’s customers, Cevdet Akçay, said that Şenol master, whom he has known for about 15 years, instilled in him a love of birds.

Emphasizing that their agenda is always birds, Akçay said, “We sleep with the birds and wake up with the birds. We come to listen to the sounds of the birds, even if we do not want to get work done. We can find bird sounds that we cannot find in nature here. I started with 2 of them, now he is 15. It is a nice hobby, it relaxes the brain.” used the phrases.

Gökhan Karadirek said that when he was tired of the work stress and city life, he came to Yıldırım’s workshop, which he saw as a natural environment with bird sounds.

Karadirek stated that he had a conversation with Yıldırım and bird sounds. “When I come here, I try to spend a comfortable time both with the nice conversation of master Şenol and with the sound of the birds” he said.

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