‘Mobile moneylender’ caught at Bodrum entrance

Bodrum Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Group Chief teams, under the coordination of the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor; He technically and physically followed AHC, who made victims by giving money to people in return for high interest by usury in Izmir and Bodrum.

As a result of the follow-up for 2 months, teams took action to catch the suspect, who was found to have victimized hundreds of people in İzmir and Bodrum.

AHC, known as the ‘Mobile moneylender’ around him, was caught by the police while he was entering Bodrum with his car.

During the search made by the teams in the suspect’s car, 65 promissory notes signed by the debtors, 1 check and 26 thousand lira cash were seized.

The suspect will be referred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station.

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