Iran: We will expand our military power

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtianimade evaluations on the agenda in a speech he made in the panel of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the news of IRNA Mohammed Reza Ashtiani, USA and IsraelHe claimed that they wanted to create a global chaos.

Brigadier General Astiyani continued his speech as follows:

“Iran’s sworn enemies, especially the USA and Israel, have shown once again that they are trying to be unilateral in the latest tensions in the region, to impose their will on other nations, to create conflicts and to create war between countries, and that they never hesitate to kill people.”


Mohammed Reza Ashtiani, IranianHe stated that they will increase the military power and defense potential of the country in order to prevent the threats against Iran, which is among the most basic objectives of Iran.

Astian, “This issue is being followed seriously by our armed forces and our ministry. The objectives of the development of relations with neighboring countries, strengthening of our relations in different dimensions, economy-oriented foreign policy and at the same time protecting and strengthening the Resistance front will be implemented. said.

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