How Much is Maternity Benefit, How to Get 2022? Employee Maternity Benefit Application, Calculation and Inquiry Procedures

The decision to continue the unrequited payments given to mothers who gave birth under the name of maternity payment by the state in 2021 made the mothers happy. While the first condition to benefit from the maternity benefit is that one of the parents has the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, those who cannot meet this condition cannot be paid. Maternity benefit payment is made for all children born in 2015 and after. Here are the things that people who want to benefit from the maternity benefit should do and wonder about the application.


The first condition for receiving the maternity benefit paid to Turkish citizens by the state is that the expectant mothers leave the workplace before the maternity leave. Otherwise, you are deemed to have not met the necessary conditions for payment. Within the scope of the maternity benefit payment to the working mother, it is stipulated that the person should not work for 112 days after the leave at the same time. Here, if the mother applying for maternity benefit does not work with SGK, the working conditions of the father are taken into account for the SSI maternity benefit. The last condition determined to be entitled to maternity benefit is that the baby must be born healthy and be alive. Mothers and fathers who meet these conditions can benefit from unrequited maternity benefit for 16 weeks after their application.


In terms of receiving maternity benefit for non-working women, a one-time payment of 300 TL is made to the first child. While these payments are determined as 400 TL for the second child, the maternity benefit paid for the third and subsequent children increases to 600 TL.


The maternity benefit determined in 2021 has been updated according to the minimum wage increase. The lowest daily maternity benefit, which was 31.96 cents in 2020, was determined as 38 lira and 15 cents, according to the minimum wage, which was announced as a net 2 thousand 825 liras and 90 cents in 2021. In 2020, the highest maternity benefit was 234 lira and 44 kuruş, while in 2021, this wage was announced as 286 lira and 20 kuruş.


The requirements and required documents for applicants who want to benefit from maternity benefit are as follows:

  • The Republic of Turkey identity card of the newborn baby must be issued.
  • At least one of the parents must have the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Application Petition for Maternity Assistance on the website of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

After completing the necessary petitions and application forms, people who have completed these documents can apply to the Provincial Directorates of Family, Labor and Social Services or Social Service Centers, either individually or via cargo.


After the maternity benefit application is made, inquiries can be made easily via e-government. You can check your transactions via the “Maternity Pay” tab in e-government or you can get information on lines 183 and 144.


Maternity benefit payments are announced via e-government after the applications are concluded. Results are announced within 55 days of the application of expectant mothers. Within the scope of the announced results, individuals can easily receive their payments from the PTT point determined via e-government.

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