Feed prices increased after the increase in milk

Feed prices, which have been on the agenda for a long time, almost bend the back of the producer.

Despite the increase in raw milk price twice in the past few months, the producer continues to earn less and less every day.

Despite the price improvements made for milk, the breeders cannot earn enough due to the increase in feed. The producers, stating that the price hikes brought for support are insufficient due to the uncontrolled increase in feed prices, want a solution.

Tepebaşı Chamber of Agriculture President Süleyman Toptanan stated that after each price improvement in raw milk, the price of feed increased.

Stating that a solution is a must against individuals who gain unfairly, Meetan used the following statements:

“The milk council announced the price of milk as 7 lira and 50 kuruş as of May 15, 2022. Immediately after the announcement of the 33 percent hike to be made, the price of the feed sack rose from 340 lira to 360 lira. The raise received by the farmer went to the feed sack again. In an environment where there is no excuse such as the rise of the dollar, the price hikes for the feed sack continue. In agriculture, the unfair gains in agricultural inputs and the unfair gains made on production should be removed as soon as possible.”

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