Dawn operation in Adana! 35 detention orders

As a result of technical and physical studies, the teams of the Organized Bureau Headquarters affiliated to Adana Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch deciphered an organized crime organization that committed the crimes of drugs, intentional injury, gambling and gaining unjust gain through gambling. he did.

The teams, which determined the addresses of 35 people alleged to be the management staff and members of the organization, took action for the operation this morning after the prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant for the suspects. Simultaneous raids were carried out with the support of the special operations police at the addresses determined at the first light of the morning.

KOM teams, which searched the houses entered by special operations teams by breaking the iron doors with rams, detained 35 suspects for whom an arrest warrant was issued. The suspects were taken to the police station for questioning after the health check.

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