A 12-year-old little girl drowned in a stream in Batman! Relatives had a nervous breakdown

According to the information received, 12-year-old Semanur Gormez, who went to the stream with her family in Bacak hamlet of Yeniçağlar village, entered the water to cool off. In the deepening section, the girl, who started to sink in the water she entered in front of her family, disappeared after a while.


Kozluk OYİ Team, Batman UMKE, Batman AFAD, Batman Municipality Underwater Search and Rescue and 112 Emergency Service teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notification of his family. While the teams who came to the scene found the body of the little boy and removed it from the stream in a short time, his relatives had a nervous breakdown. After the investigation by the prosecutor, 112 medical teams took the child’s body to the morgue of Batman Training and Hospital.

After the autopsy, the corpse of Semanur Gormez will be sent to her village for burial.

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