The sentence of the accused who killed the woman who wanted to divorce became clear

Besat Doğan, who was on leave from prison in Antalya’s Alanya district, shot and fled Rabia Doğan and Hüseyin B., who wanted to divorce him, on a motorcycle on March 21 last year.

Rabia Doğan died in the hospital she was taken to, and Hüseyin B. was discharged after his treatment. Besat Doğan, who fled after the incident, was caught by the police, and was arrested by the judge in the courthouse to which he was transferred.

The final hearing of the case regarding the incident was held at the Alanya 2nd High Criminal Court. Besat Doğan attended the hearing with the Audio and Visual Information System (SEGBİS), the lawyers of the parties and the relatives of the victims were also present in the hall. At the hearing, Rabia Doğan’s mother, Nadire Salta, said that she had filed a complaint against the accused and demanded that she be punished.

Complainant lawyers Canel Durak and Dicle Demirel also emphasized that the act was committed intentionally and demanded that the accused be sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment.

Defendant Besat Doğan, in his last words, claimed that he had no intention to kill, “discretion is in the court” said.

Announcing the decision, the court board said,murder by design‘Deciding that his crime did not occur, the accused Besat Doğan’willful murder of a spouse‘ sentenced him to aggravated life imprisonment.

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