Soup account fight at the Okey table: 3 people were injured

The incident, which took place in a coffee house in Bağcılar on May 6, allegedly took place as follows. People named Hasan K. Ergin A. and Yakup Y. were playing at a table. Allegedly, one of them, Ergin A., ordered a soup from outside. He had the money for the soup added to the table’s account. When the game was over and it was time to pay the bill, the soup money turned into a fight between friends. Hasan K., who took his gun from his waist during the fight, suddenly fired towards Ergin A. and Yakup Y. While two friends were injured by the bullets, the bouncing bullet hit the ear of Abdullah C., who was in the coffee house. Hasan K., who injured 3 people, threw the gun on the ground and fled.


Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene upon notification. It was learned that the condition of the 3 injured people who were taken to the hospital is good. The police teams, who started work to catch the suspect, took Hasan K. into custody in a short time.


The suspect Hasan K., who was taken into custody, was transferred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station. The suspect was arrested and sent to prison.

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