Separation statement from Uğurcan Çakır! “I want to go”

Uğurcan Çakır, who won the first Super League championship of his career in Trabzonspor, spoke to A Spor. The 26-year-old fisherman expressed that he was willing to leave if the right offer came.

Saying, “I have 3 trophies in Trabzonspor now,” Uğurcan Çakır said, “They won’t be angry with me if I leave. I would like to go if there is a reasonable offer. There was an offer before, but I was always in the middle. I wanted to do what the club said. I made a lot of sacrifices, and they too. He knows. Time will tell about the process of my transfer. Time will tell if I get the offer I want, whether it is the offer the club wants. I made a lot of sacrifices, they will make sacrifices for me. I don’t say I have to go, I want to go this year if the right team is there.” used the phrases.


Uğurcan Çakır, who also won the Super League championship after the Super Cup and the Turkish Cup, said, “After playing here, the championship was not a dream, it was a goal. I am very happy that I achieved my goal. The whole community has contributed a lot. We reached the happy ending, we are happy and proud. As I said, it was a dream. The championship became the goal after I started playing here. I dreamed of being a champion. I have been from Trabzonspor since my childhood. To be the captain and champion here… It is an honor.” he said.

Uğurcan Çakır, who said that he constantly talked with Galatasaray legend Fernando Muslera, said that the Uruguayan football player congratulated him.

Expressing that he sees the experienced goalkeeper as an idol, Uğurcan Çakır said, “Muslera is the person I see as an idol. He is one of the people I take as an example with his work ethic, performance, stance and character. We talk on Instagram. He congratulates me for the championship, too.” said.

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