Move to anger AKP: Victory Party’s ‘ballot box’ plan

Baris Yarkadas, writer of Korkusuz newspapermade claims about the next move of Ümit Özdağ and Zafer Party, which has come to the fore with its suggestions and statements regarding refugee problems in recent days.

Friend,”The officials, who stated that the interest in the party increased even more after the Victory Party Chairman Ümit Özdağ called the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu ‘Hodri Square’ and said, ‘Now we will take new steps to turn this interest into a vote potential’. used the phrases.


Yarkadaş, the victory of the Victory Party to power “Let’s ask the public what they think about the immigrant-refugee issue.” he said. Friend also; Party officials put a referendum ballot box in the squares of the cities and “sshould the refugees go or stay?He said they were prepared to ask the question. Again, according to the claim; Every citizen will be able to vote in the ballot boxes to be established in the cities. “Those who want asylum seekers to stay”keep it”, and those who want him to leave ”Let go’‘ will be ticked.”


Yarkadaş also stated the following regarding the subject:

“According to our laws, no one actually has the right to hold such a referendum… The Victory Party knows this too. However, they are considering putting ballots in the squares and voting.

Undoubtedly; The government’s reaction to such an attempt would be harsh. The Victory Party knows that the intervention of the government will open a new field of discussion for them, so it continues its preparations to put the ballot boxes.

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