Minister Kasapoğlu: Our goal is to bring nomadic games to higher levels in the world

Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, pointing out that the World Nomad Games have a special importance in terms of Turkish sports culture, said, “One of our goals is to bring the World Nomad Games to higher levels in the world sports arena with the steps we will take together with all our stakeholders on the way to institutionalization.”

The information meeting of the 4th World Nomad Games, which will be held in Bursa on September 29-October 2, was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. It was held with the participation of Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu and Bilal Erdoğan, President of the World Ethnosports Confederation. The meeting, held in the conference hall of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, started with the introduction of the World Nomad Games to be held around Lake Iznik.

Making a speech at the meeting, Minister Kasapoğlu stated that the World Nomad Games will mark a new milestone in Turkey’s sports studies and sports tourism, and said, “It is a program that excites us all, that we are increasing our preparations day by day. As the Ministry, we will use all our infrastructure in these games. “We will organize this organization in the strongest possible way. Traditional sports aroused great interest and awareness both in our country and in the international arena in a short time. The President of the World Ethnosports Confederation, Bilal Erdoğan, who has made great efforts and put forth great devotion in this awareness,” said.

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that sports is an element of solidarity between both countries and nations, and said, “Traditional sports are a common heritage for the Turkish world on this occasion. The World Nomad Games is one of the most important relics imposed on us in this context. Especially their leadership and devotion to Kyrgyzstan in this sense. “We see this as an ordinary activity, sports work, but also as a blessed trust from our ancestors. We consider protecting this trust as one of our top priority areas of responsibility,” he said. Minister Kasapoğlu stated that they will hold the games in the best possible way, hosted by Bursa, and continued his words as follows:

“We all know Bursa’s place in our history and its mission as a capital city in many areas. It is also important in this sense that it will be the cultural capital of the Turkish world in 2022. The World Nomad Games also have a special importance in terms of Turkish sports culture. Together with all our stakeholders, we are on the way to institutionalization. “With the steps we will take, it is one of our goals to bring the World Nomad Games to higher levels in the world sports arena. It also makes us happy to revive the historical memories of not only Turks but also all nomadic peoples, and to enter an important turning point.”

Expressing that there are currently four traditional sports federations in Turkey, Minister Kasapoğlu said that the interest in traditional sports is increasing day by day.

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that the World Nomad Games are also important for the Organization of Turkish States and said, “The dream law of the sports world has also been passed. It will also be an important start for our sports law. We see that it is an important guide in lighting the way for us. We have infrastructure shows that we have successfully organized many international sports organizations in every part of our country.I hope we will prove this once again in the 4th World Nomad Games. “Our country will host this organization of the first three, which took place successfully in Kyrgyzstan, in the best possible way. We will organize another special event this year. We will organize the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya in the most beautiful way,” he said.


Bilal Erdoğan, President of the World Ethnosports Confederation, also emphasized that they had a very important day and said:

“While we established our confederation in Bishkek in 2015 in connection with the World Nomad Games, the first of the World Nomad Games was held in 2014, we set out to raise, spread and strengthen traditional sports in the world, especially to support the organization of the second in 2016. 2016′ We have done a lot of work with our team in Kyrgyzstan and contributed to the organization of the second and third games in 2018. In this context, I would like to thank Kyrgyzstan for successfully performing the first 3 games. The second thank you is that the heads of states of the Turkic world, who make up the Turkish States Organization today, deserve it. I think so. Because they also showed their will to own this project and supported the organization of these games since 2014.”

Emphasizing that the Turkish world is the region that keeps traditional sports alive in the world, Bilal Erdoğan said, “World nomad games continued to be held with the participation of more countries and athletes every year. Meanwhile, we continued to grow as the World Ethnosports Confederation. “We established relations with traditional sports organizations in the country. We signed declarations with the sports ministries of 13 countries to support traditional sports. We are trying to ensure that the public authority and sports ministries in those countries open a topic and support traditional sports.” used the phrases.

Recalling that the games were suspended for two years due to the coronavirus epidemic, Bilal Erdoğan said, “The fact that the games are held in Iznik has a very serious meaning. Believe me, as we get to know Lake Iznik, we will understand that it is the pearl of our country. Despite its deep historical past, Iznik “I think we neglected it a little bit. I hope this World Nomad Games will be a start for Iznik to be better known and to gain the fame it deserves around the world.”

Stating that the nomadic culture has the virtues that can once again offer peace and tranquility to humanity, Erdoğan said, “I would like to remind you that we will organize the Istanbul Ethnosports Culture Festival, which we had to take a break for 2 years, at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on 9-12 June. We will be working on the promotion of traditional sports,” he said.

Information about the games

At the meeting, Hakan Kazancı, Chairman of the Organization Committee of the 4th World Nomad Games, gave information about the preparations made before the games. Reminding that 19 countries participated in the games, the first of which was held in 2014, Kazancı said, “I hope more than 100 countries will participate in the 4th World Nomad Games and there will be more than 3 thousand athletes. The games to be held in Iznik, one of the first capitals of the Ottoman Empire, will be held in traditional sports branches. It has the distinction of being the only and the first in the world. Our field area is 473 thousand square meters in net. The mud and swamp part has been cleared with construction residues. The ground has been made suitable by filling and arranging an area of ​​approximately 400 thousand square meters. There are 6 road entrances to the field. All works are protected by protecting the environment. “Our primary goal was to make it cleaner. We will have a spectator tribune with a capacity of approximately 5 thousand,” he said.

The Secretary General of the Organization of Turkish States Amreyev gave information about the history of the games and noted that the 4th World Nomad Games, which will take place in Bursa, will be announced to the whole world with the power of Turkey.

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