His bag was stolen in the mosque, he chased after the thieves barefoot: ‘They suddenly started to run away’

The incident occurred at around 15.00 on Friday, May 13, in the Arapsuyu District of the Konyaaltı district. GO (22) and AA (23), who approached Recep Göker, who was washing his hands and face in the garden of the mosque, took his backpack containing 100 TL, passport and ID and fled.

Goker, who went after the barefoot suspects, lost his tracks in the parking lot of an apartment. The people around Göker and the motorized teams of the Antalya Police Department tried to help him.

The teams caught and detained 2 suspects in the basement of the apartment. The suspects were taken to the police station to be questioned.


Bag owner Recep Göker, “I was washing my hands and face in the mosque. All of a sudden, they took the bag that was with me and started to run away. I followed them without even putting on my shoes. I was caught with the help of the police and citizens.” he said.

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