Governor Erin said goodbye to Public Administrators

Governor Abdullah Erin, who was appointed as the Chief Civil Inspector with the Governor’s Decree announced the previous day, met with the managers of public institutions and the staff of the Governor’s Office. At the meeting held in the Governor’s Conference Hall; Governor Erin, wishing that the new era will bring good luck to everyone, said, “Our new governor is also a very successful, hardworking, diligent brother who has distinguished himself in the profession. I hope he will do better than us, I believe that.”

Continuing his speech with the words “There is a lot of work to be done, and these things can only be achieved by helping, talking and acting in unity,” Governor Erin stated that he was appointed as the Governor of Şanlıurfa and that he tried to carry out his works without compromising the understanding of the first day he took office.

Governor Erin said in his speech, “The word we said on the first day is the same as what we said on the last day. We said: We started with Bismillah and I thanked my Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve in such a city, and I thanked our President for seeing it appropriate. We have no other expectation but the consent of Allah. We will not be involved in any work that is against the will of the . He can come and talk to us and tell his troubles. We spent most of our time among our citizens. We said that you can come and tell your troubles wherever we are. With the responsibility of our duty and the awareness of the plague, there are hundreds of nights in which we lose our sleep and in many crisis periods. Do not harm the welfare, security and peace of our citizens. We acted without thinking about our family, our home, our time and our health, so that we might win Allah’s approval. Not so that we can gain a position, a position or a seat. If you look back at what I said on the first day, that’s what I said back then. We will never compromise on our principles, we will always be constructive, we will always be on the side of good and kindness. We did not bestow more honor on the strong simply because he was strong. Allah knows everything best, sees best and is the best witness. We have not deliberately left the right and the fairness. We did not deliberately violate anyone’s rights. We tried not to offend anyone. I am not going to tell you about the services provided in Şanlıurfa from infrastructure to superstructure, from education to health, from industry to agriculture and many other fields since 2017. God bless our state. May Allah grant our nation to always stand upright like this, and to stand upright in a way that befits that glorious history and ancestors we have among all the nations of the world.”

At the end of his speech, Governor Abdullah Erin said, “Let our friends whose hearts we have unknowingly offended, hurt, or violated in the five-year period in Şanlıurfa, let their rights be halal. If we have, let our rights be halal”.

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